Blogger Spotlight: Makeup Genius App Review from Living Digital

by - November 24, 2014

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Today's post will hopefully be the first of many. I'd like to introduce you guys to Jazmin of Living Digital. She's an interactive consultant, specializing in digital project development. Her podcast, Living Digital, focuses on apps, technology, marketing and innovation. In today's Blogger Spotlight, Jazmin has reviewed the Makeup Genius App for us. If you haven't heard, Makeup Genius is a new app by L'Oréal Paris that allows you to virtually try on different makeup looks then it conveniently tells what products to buy to achieve said look.

Her podcast and more after the jump...

Here's her podcast describing the app's functionality and her experience with it:

Read the full transcript of this episode HERE. Leave a comment, show some love.

And for fun, here's a quick video of Jazmin using the Makeup Genius app:
Here is Jazmin with a few looks achieved with the Makeup Genius App. Isn't she gorgeous?! And how perfect is that eyeliner?!
Did you enjoy today's post? Would you like more reviews on other apps and tech then subscribe to Living Digital's podcast HERE! Show my girl some love. Her podcast is evolving and will eventually include focused posts with Living Digital: Beauty, Living Digital: Gourmet and more. Stay tuned! And make sure you follow her on Twitter and Instagram too. She's very entertaining.

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