Make Up For Ever's 30 Years 30 Colors 30 Artists Palette

by - September 01, 2014

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"In celebration of the brand's 30th anniversary, Make Up For Ever partnered with 30 elite makeup artists across all areas of the industry to bring to life its unique heritage as a brand that continues to inspire, educate and elevate. Curated by the these 30 artists, this incredibly rare palette features 30 Artist Shadows inspired by each artist's unique journey within the industry. Separated into individual palettes of Smokey, Neutral and Artistic shades, this extensive collection features every eye shadow you could possibly desire. A vast range of shades with 5 different finishes, Artist Shadow's breakthrough gel-powder formula with super-saturated pigments provides intense color payoff with superior blendability. Explore endless possibilities by mixing and matching your favorite shades to reveal your inner artist." 

This is definitely one of the must have palettes of the Fall season. Makeup Artists will definitely want to add this to their kits or personal collections and aspiring artists and/or makeup junkies will be lining up as well. It really is an excellent deal price-wise once you break it down but it is a lot for the average consumer to drop on a single purchase. But I am sure it will still have no problem selling out. It will retail for $250 ($295 CDN), however, MUFE sells their empty 30 eyeshadow palettes for $84 and eyeshadow refills retail at $21 each, making this palette worth over $700 so it really is an amazing deal. Tack on the fact that it's a limited edition palette, meaning quantities are limited, would make any makeup addict willing to drop that kind of money or more for a small piece of makeup history. I mean, I know I've been contemplating it myself and if you're reading this then most likely you have been too.

The inside of the box is signed by all contributing artists.
Included eyeshadow shades:
  1. M100 (Dany Sanz)
  2. D104 (Debbie Zoller)
  3. ME310 (Ricky Wilson)
  4. D320 (Jackie Gomez)
  5. ME108 (Viktorija Bowers)
  6. ME624 (Ve Neill)
  7. M618 (Craig Lindberg)
  8. M930 (Stephen Sollitto)
  9. ME654 (Mai Quynh)
  10. I606 (Darcy Gilmore)
  11. I550 (Greg Wencel)
  12. M548 (Pati Dubroff)
  13. M536 (Jo Baker)
  14. M532 (Joyce Bonelli)
  15. ME122 (Anthony Merante)
  16. M636 (Roshar)
  17. I662 (James Vincent)
  18. D640 (Melanie Inglessis)
  19. ME512 (Anthony Nguyen)
  20. D868 (Charles Porlier)
  21. ME400 (Luis Casco)
  22. I746 (Angelina Avallone)
  23. S852 (Frances Hathaway)
  24. S742 (Lottie)
  25. I922 (Kubuki)
  26. D206 (Eryn Krueger Mekash)
  27. I340 (Elizabeth Cohen)
  28. ME304 (Merell Hollis)
  29. ME230 (Jodi Urichuk)
  30. I220 (William Lemon III)
In addition to this palette, MUFE also has recreated all of their eyeshadows with the new Artist Shadow formula featured in this palette. All previous eyeshadows with the old formula will be phased out. They introduced 210 new eyeshadow shades along with eyeliners called Artist liners as well that range from matte to diamond finishes.

Availability: It will be available starting tomorrow September 2nd for VIB Rouges and at MUFE Boutiques. Full release on September 9th at Sephora*.
*Ebates cash back eligible store. 4% is $10 cash back for this palette. Be sure to log into your account before purchasing to activate your cash back offer. Sign up here if you are not a member yet. 

Happy Hunting!

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