Sneak Peek: LORAC Mega Pro Palette!!!

by - August 26, 2014

Image Source: @BeautyLogicBlog
Senior Beauty Editor, Milly Almodovar, of Cosmopolitan for Latinas posted this on her Instagram page. Lorac will be releasing a Pro Mega Palette with 32 eyeshdows! She says it will be out this November. Just in time for the holiday season. Crossing my fingers that this is not limited edition. I don't own either of the Lorac Pro Palettes as they look similar to colors I already have and figured I'd wait to get it. But now I can just get this one. A couple staple colors are repeats but this palette is definitely not just a combination of both previously released Pro Palettes. However, some colors are similar so if you already own both palettes you could skip out on this one but you know you won't because come's a PRO MEGA PALETTE!

It looks like the top two rows are matte and the bottom two are shimmer. It's a mix of neutral, smokey and jewel tone shades. I am loving indigo and deep teal!

Shade comparison: 
Lorac Pro- white, cream, taupe, light pink, mauve, sable, espresso, black (row 1)
                   nude, champagne, gold, light bronze, pewter, garnet, deep purple (row 2)

Lorac Pro 2- buff, light brown, cool gray, nectar, plum, navy, charcoal, black (row 1)
                      snow, beige, rode, mocha, chrome, silver jade, cocoa (row 2)

Pro Mega- cream*, fawn, camel, sepia, dusty plum, orchid, mulberry, espresso* (row 1)
                   white*, khaki, brown, stone, lilac, wisteria, gray, black* (row 2)
                   opal, sand, copper, sienna, apricot, blush, merlot, indigo (row 3)
                   vanilla, cashmere, smokey topaz, dusty rose, granite, maroon, deep teal, caviar (row 4)
*shade repeats from the previous Pro Palettes

And wanna know what the best part is?! It's only $59! Cheaper than both previous Pro Palettes combined makes this an excellent way to boost holiday sales as I am sure people will be buying multiples as gifts or backups. 

UPDATE > Click HERE to view my latest post on this palette. 

Happy Hunting!
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