NEW Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks and More for Fall 2014

by - August 09, 2014

I LOVE Wet n Wild especially their Mega Last lipsticks. So when they hinted on their IG page that their  "Mega Last lips were sealed" in reference to what they were working on behind the scenes, I just knew they were gonna be releasing new shades. I love the entire line but new shades haven't been introduced in a long time and there are a few colors that are definitely missing. I personally would love to see more purple or even some bright rainbow colors.

It has not been officially announced yet but Wet n Wild Fall 2014 displays have already begun popping up. 
Source: @RougeDarkHolme (IG)
There are 4 new limited edition Mega Last lipsticks: Sweet Cream, Sunset Siren, Bourdeaux Boulevard and Urban Night. I'm so excited! I will def be clearing the shelf for these. They are limited edition so I have to get a backup just in case I absolutely love the color, which could be the case with these bold, dark Fall colors. These all have rubberized black packaging since they are limited edition to differentiate them from the core collection. There are 6 limited edition nail polishes as well with the same rubberized cap. I'm eyeing the navy and berry colors.
L-R: Sweet Cream, Urban Night, Sunset Siren and Bourdeaux Boulevard.
They have also released new items for their Fantasy Makers line, which is marketed for mainly Halloween with eye palettes, fantasy eye lashes, tattoos and press on nails. 

Here's some photos I took at the Kmart on 34th street in NYC. No luck on finding the new Mega Last lipsticks though. 

Happy Hunting!
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