Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Palette Available This Monday

by - August 23, 2014

Anastasia of Beverly Hills does it again! I for one think it's a brillIiant marketing move to make eyeshadow palettes in conjunction with top makeup artists who just so happen to have thousands or even millions of followers on Instagram. It also shows the type of company they are that they are willing to give their talented fans the opportunity to really shine. I'm not sure how they pick their artists as I have seen and follow people I think are extremely talented and who have more followers than some of the artists chosen so maybe it's based on brand loyalty as well. 

There was the recently released and ever popular Amrezy Palette and now they will be releasing the Maya Mia Palette. It will be available starting Monday, August 25th at 9am PST. The Amrezy Palette features neutrals and jewel tones in blue and emerald. The Maya Mia Palette looks like it's fun best friend. It will feature similar neutral shades as well but with a pop of aqua and a shimmery peach shade. I love them both but I don't feel like the colors are all that unique. The unique nature comes from the fact that they are in a single travel-friendly palette. But for me, I can't really justify purchasing another nude palette as that's what they pretty much are, however, for $29 I'd say it's a good deal. 

Maya Mia vs Amrezy Palette

I think it kinda looks like a high end version of Wet n Wild's limited edition Sparkle 'Til Morning Palette. 
And you could also say the Amrezy Palette could be comparable to Wet N Wild's limited edition Drinking a Glass of Shine Palette.

Here are some looks Maya Mia herself created using the palette:

If you would like to see swatches of the Maya Mia Palette, you can view them here.

UPDATE 8/25/14: Purchase the Maya Mia Palette here.

Happy Hunting!

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