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by - July 12, 2014

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If you are looking for a way to color your hair without the harsh backlash of normal dyes then SheaMoisture is your answer. I was excited to find out SheaMoisture had a hair color line as I already love their hair products. The hair color system is exclusive to Target. It is available online as well as in select stores. However, with the recent launch of SheaMoisture's website you can now purchase this product through their site as well.

First impressions: The art work on the box is unique and beautiful. It features women all across the spectrum, which I definitely appreciate. It is a brand that aims to cater to all women. 
Price: It is a little high at $14.99 compared to other brands, however, once you see what's included inside it is a bargain. You receive 2 oz sizes of shampoo and conditioner as well a 1 oz of hair oil all from their Raw Shea Butter line. An actual real pair of gloves are included as well. If you used other brands that included those plastic bag type gloves then you'll know why this matters. I usually have to buy my own gloves when using other brands but not this time. The kit also comes with an applicator brush if you needed to do touch ups rather than your entire head.
Included inside the SheaMoisture Hair Color System
Here's the product description straight from Shea moisture's website,
"A moisture-rich, permanent Hair Color System with natural and Certified Organic ingredients for any hair type. NO AMMONIA and NO SULFATES. This omission of ammonia is a healthier option for you, your hair and scalp. The products in the system deliver healthy nutrients that minimize damage while delivering superior hydration, exceptional manageability and brilliant sheen. For those transitioning and/or dealing with thin hair, our hair color thickens strands while adding shine and improving manageability. Salon quality results at a great value." 
The color I decided to use is called Bright Auburn. It's described as "a vibrant shade which adds intense color". It's is recommended to be used in natural medium blonde to medium brown hair for optimal results. As you can see from the box art, it is indeed a bold intense color. 
SheaMoisture Hair Color in Bright Auburn 
My hair is currently light to medium brown with dark brown roots but I figured the color would show well enough. I made sure to brush my hair out so it wasn't tightly curled as previously when I dyed it the color didn't cover my hair evenly. As you can see I have very thick hair and ended up needing two boxes, which is the norm for me when coloring my hair.
First, I separated my hair into four sections. Before coloring your hair it's important to protect your skin. You can use petroleum jelly or something similar around your hairline and on your ears. I suggest covering your clothes like I did with a large bag or you can wear an old shirt you don't mind getting dye on. I started in the front, which took a lot longer than the back. As a result, the hair in the front ended up being more vibrant than the back. However, I was still impressed with the overall result. 

One step I added on my own was to do a overnight deep conditioning using the hair mask of the Raw Shea Butter line, which I already owned. I made sure to securely cover my hair so it didn't leak on my pillowcase or sheets. I rinsed it out in the morning and decided to use the conditioner included in the kit as well. It says it can be used as a leave in so I didn't rinse it out especially since it was such a good detangler. So good that I plan to purchase the full size bottle since I was able to easily detangle my hair using only my fingers. Also I love the smell of all the products in the Raw Shea Butter line since I already use raw shea butter daily for my skin. 
Final thoughts: I love the results I received and 3 weeks later my hair has taken on a more natural auburn color and not as bright except in the sun. This is also due to the fact that as a natural I find myself wetting my hair more frequently to give my curls a refreshed look. And I am sure as I continue to use this color it will adhere to my hair even more. I'd definitely recommend this brand to anyone especially naturals if you are looking for a safer way to color at home.
Hair color results using SheaMoisture Bright Auburn Hair Color on medium-dark brown hair
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