Review: My iKateHouse Shopping Experience

by - July 09, 2014

I was very interested in trying out L.A. Girl's new glazed lip paint and their much raved about pro concealers. Unfortunately, there were not sold in my area. So my only option was to order online either from Cherry Culture, iKateHouse or However, iKateHouse had all the colors available for both products and at a better price. They also offer the option to buy each as a full set at a discount. I elected to do this for all 6 lip paints but not for the pro concealers as there are 18 in total. Not having seen them in person, I ordered 6 colors. I will be posting reviews of these products soon but I just wanted to address the ordering process for this site since it's new to me and may be to you as well.

First off, it seems they update their inventory often. I searched for the lip paints and was disappointed when they were not available to purchase as a set as some colors were out of stock. But as I searched through the rest of the site I discovered that the lip paints were now back in stock to purchase as a set. Yay me! After adding my items to the cart I fell short of the required amount for free shipping, which is $40. Otherwise, shipping is $3.95. I figured instead of paying for shipping, I could just add a couple more items to my cart to meet the $40 mark.

My items were shipped 2 days after placing the order. The shipment then arrived in 2 days, which is pretty fast but it did ship from New Jersey and I live in New York. However, this doesn't always guarantee a speedy shipment. Everything was packaged very well. All the items were shrink wrapped and wrapped in tissue paper inside of a larger bubble envelope. I was very impressed and would definitely order from them again.

Happy Hunting!

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