Sleek Makeup, Europe's Drugstore Brand with Designer Edge

by - June 29, 2014

If you haven't heard about Sleek Makeup yet, allow me to introduce you. It is a brand that touts affordable drugstore prices with sleek designer packaging. They have a comprehensive range of colors for all skin tones and their products are on par with top brands like Mac, Nars and Urban Decay. They are well known for their i-Divine eyeshadow palettes but their blush and lipsticks are top notch as well. In fact, I'm certain every product is! I am their newest self-proclaimed unofficial brand ambassador. I speak their praises every chance I get. 

I only own two of their limited edition eyeshadow palettes, which I purchased from eBay. I was extremely satisfied with those purchases, despite paying more than the retail cost so I will definitely be picking up more of these palettes. The retail prices is $11.99 and each contains 12 shades each. There are 12 palettes in the permanent collection, however, there are currently 16 palettes available on their website as 4 limited edition palettes are still in stock. (UPDATE: 17 are now available as Rio Rio, a limited edition palette, has now been added to the site!) The two eyeshadow palettes I purchased are Curious and Monaco (from their Mediterranean Collection). These palettes are super pigmented and blend like a dream. The possibilities of looks are endless with these palettes. 

The i-Divine Curious palette has all shimmer eyeshadows. And despite its random colors, it's actually my most used palette. I love every color!
Here's swatches shown first without then with flash:
The i-Divine Monaco palette has a mix of shimmer and matte eyeshadows. This palette actually has names for each eyeshadow, unlike the Curious palette. My faves are the shimmer eyeshadows as they only needed one swipe to be fully opaque. 
Here's swatches shown first without then with flash:
Add Sleek Makeup to your collection today. It's sure to be a purchase you won't regret. 

Happy Hunting!

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