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by - January 21, 2019

Since last year indie beauty brand Black Moon Cosmetics has sneak peeked a bunch of new products on social media that are in the works. (See more: here!) Some of those products have since launched, such as their Orb of Light Palette, while others are still a mystery. Recently they revealed they some of the new products we can expect soon.
First, let's discuss the mini moon. It's actually the packaging. *Gasp* Us makeup junkies live for cool and unique packaging, so it comes at no surprise that just the first image of the moon alone with no explanation garnered lots of comments like "I don't care what it is I want it" or "I need it for the packaging alone". But these mini moons tins actually have cute minis inside. How can you resist? The Mini Moon Trio ($36) will be available in 8 variations. There will be 1 Moon Topper Trio⁣, 3 Cosmic EyeDust Trios⁣, and 4 Nude Liquid Lip Trios⁣⁣. 

Currently, Black Moon only has one Moon Topper and I've been waiting for more to drop. This new Mini Moon Topper Trio means finally we will have new shades. Along with the original shade, Luna, the trio will include two all new shades.
L-R: Zenith, Luna & Moorise
New shades Zenith and Moonrise will be available in the Moon Magic Trio as well as individually at $19 each. These lip toppers are lightweight, dry matte, don't budge and aren't grainy, despite all the glitter. I highly recommend them based off my experience with Luna and have even used it on my eyes as well, although I don't recall if the brand said it was eye safe or not.
What is definitely safe to put on your eyes is their all-new Cosmic EyeDust shades! They are extending the current line up to add 7 new shades. For now, at least, it looks like they will only be available in the Mini Moon Trios.
L-R: Gravity, Hydrogen, E.T., Light-Year, Meteor, Starlight & Moon Crust
Gravity: ultra-violet with pink reflects
Hydrogen: aqua baby blue⁣
E.T.: lime slime green ⁣
Light-Year: old gold⁣
Meteor: chocolate rose gold ⁣
Starlight: baby pink⁣
Moon Crust: intense high shine silver

The Far Out Trio will include Gravity, Hydrogen and E.T.
The Space Case Trio will include E.T., Light Year and Meteor. 
The Moon Glam Trio will include Meteor, Starlight and Moon Crust.
And the last set of Mini Moon Trios will feature their nude liquid lipsticks. Black Moon's formula is one of my favorites for liquid lipstick. Non-drying, comfortable, long lasting, transfer proof and smudge proof. If you haven't tried theirs before, this is the perfect time. I mean, who doesn't love minis?! They're super cute, travel-friendly and the size is perfect for trying out a new shade because how often do we finish a full tube of lipstick anyway?. The Mini Moon Nude Trios will include 3 of their existing shades and will be available in 4 variations based on skin tone to help you find your best nudes.

Nude Trio D/D (deep/dark) will include Haunting (deep coffee nude), Willow (deep terracotta nude), and Grave (brown with brick-red undertone). 
Nude Trio M/D (medium/deep) will include Haunting (deep coffee nude), Willow (deep terracotta nude) and Wrath (mauve nude).
Nude Trio L/M (light/medium) will include Gloom (greige nude), Libra (balanced nude) and Dusk (terracotta nude).
Nude Trio F/L (fair/light) will include Bones (lilac nude), Illusion (light peach nude) and Mourning (light cool pink nude). 

I own all of these shades and I can confirm that all the shades for deep/dark and medium/deep are brown girl friendly. The best trio for me for nude shades would be the one for medium/deep skin tones, but I love Grave as well, however, it's not a nude in my opinion on my skin tone. 
The official release date for these products has not been set yet, but the Mini Moon Trios are all currently available for pre-order and will ship starting 1/30. You can shop them all here at $36 here.

Happy hunting!

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