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by - February 18, 2018

Resilient is definitely a word you could use to describe Black-owned beauty brand The Lip Bar. They are famously known for being on Shark Tank and being referred to as "colorful cockroaches" by one judge who didn't think their business of selling bold lipstick shades like blue and green was investment worthy as no one was going to buy those shades. Flash forward and The Lip Bar is thriving despite the criticism, naysayers and lack of Shark Tank investments. Also let's not forget the fact that bold shades are in and even big drugstore brands like Maybelline have gotten in on the trend. Founder Melissa Butler had a mission and she stuck to it. Good for her!
I had the pleasure of meeting with Melissa at the IMATS in New York City this past April. At the time her line had recently been picked up to sell online at Target. She mentioned some changes to the packaging Target wanted her to make so that the product could stand up on its on. Right then I knew it was only matter of time before they'd be making their way in-store.
And now months later The Lip Bar will finally be in select Target store starting today, February 18th (although some stores may have put their items out early). To celebrate the launch there will be two new target exclusive shades: Unimpressed liquid matte and Baddie lip gloss.
Baddie lip gloss:
To find out if The Lip Bar will be coming to a Target near you click here to see the list of store locations. But have no fear, I'm sure the list will grow after they see how well the brand does. So go support them and tell a friend. But in the meantime, you can shop The Lip Bar on And to save 5% along with FREE shipping all you need is a Target Debit Red Card. It's not a credit card but rather a card that is just connected to your bank account so it works like a debit card. All the benefits of their credit card without the hassle. If you have more questions or want to sign up for a Red Card, click here. Btw did I mention that The Lip Bar lipsticks are vegan and cruelty-free?! At $12-13 they are affordable too. Do you plan on checking this brand out?

Happy hunting!

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