Swatches: Sugarpill Pretty Poison Liquid Lip Colors

by - December 18, 2017

I loved the color range of the original Pretty Poison lipsticks. But they weren’t as matte as I would’ve liked. Then the Black E''dition lipsticks came out and the formula was improved. But this change wasn’t extended to the original shades (at least as far as I know). So when Sugarpill announced that their rainbow-hues Pretty Poison lipsticks would now be available in liquid lipstick form I was excited. Now I could have the colors I loved in the truly matte formula I was dreaming of. 
Sugarpill liquid lipstick packaging
Limited edition packaging VS permanent packaging 
Right away I had to try U4EA first. For me, it’s the stand out shade and the one I was lost drawn to as I have a special love for blues especially teals. It did not disappoint. 
These have the same creamsicle scent like their previous liquid lipsticks so if you’re a fan then rejoice. I’m sensitive to scents and I’m not the biggest fan but it’s not overpowering and fades after it dries so it’s not a dealbreaker for me. These dry completely matte and are transfer-proof as well as smudge-proof. Some shades may look a little streaky but the only shades I had issues with are Cubby and Girl Crush, which are also the same shades that in the traditional bullet form. But brights are always have issues. I don’t if it’s the pigment everyone uses or what but it’s always the same shades. If you own a lot of makeup you see the pattern. And Zero was too liquedy so I shook it up and popped it in a the fridge for a couple minutes. Then it was good to go. (Side note: I just realized because we have Glint we’re missing the liquid lipstick version of Detox. I wonder why it wasn’t included.)
All 10 new Pretty Poison Liquid Lip Colors as well as Trinket and Strange Love are permanent. Purchase them on the Sugarpill website at $18 each or get the entire set in a discounted bundle. What shades are you hoping to find under your tree?

Happy hunting!

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