Fenty Beauty Has Rocked the Makeup World and Brands Are Literally SHOOK!

by - October 08, 2017

It’s safe to say that the launch of Fenty Beauty last month was filled with much excitement. Not only because it was a beauty line started by Rihanna but because of the products themselves. Of these the most sought after is the Pro Filt'r Foundation. Why? Well because she launched 40 shades with an inclusive range for all skin tones. The main draw was that for those with darker skin tones there was finally a brand that catered to us. A brand that didn’t think of adding darker shades as an after thought but one that included it from the start and not only that but the shades actually matched.

Sephora Fenty displays are still very popular in-store
If you have darker skin then you know the struggle is real. You would think even I’d be able to find a match easily as I am often the darkest shade most brands carry but even still they were never quite right. I’d usually have to mix. But the proof is in the pudding as they say because the darker shades of the Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation sold out within a week in-stores and online (both on Sephora’s website and the Fenty Beauty site). I was barely able to get samples when I went in only 3 days after the launch. I went back recently and it was still slim pickings. One of the shades I wanted to try literally only had 2 drops left. I’ll do a full review on the foundation soon once I’m actually able to secure my shade but I’ll just say I know why it’s disappearing off the shelves. The hype is real.
Just one of the Sephora stores I visited but they all looked the same
As a result, other brands are definitely feeling the pressure. The pressure to compete with the business Fenty Beauty is generating among her melanated fans. And since the darker foundations shades are sold out and keep selling out, I guess they figure why not remind us that they have shades that can accommodate us as well. Just in case we need an alternative in the meantime I guess. Now there are brands that have a good range and even 40 shade as well but the issue is many feel like they weren’t concerned with trying to get us as customers before. They weren’t concerned with making sure they posted models on their pages with darker skin tones or swatches of their darker foundations. They weren’t concerned with making us feel included. So don’t do it now that you see that there’s actually a real market for this. And to the brands that did include us in marketing and social media, there was no need to remind us. We already knew.
I have never seen a MUFE ad and after Fenty's success I saw a few of these for their foundation
Fenty Beauty showed up and showed out so now these brands are “shook” as Rihanna herself said to Make Up For Ever who made a recent post that was clearly shading her brand. Now I love MUFE but I felt like the comment was unnecessary. They are a huge established brand and actually have been diverse in their campaigns and on their social media page so there was no need to make sure we knew they had 40 foundation shades as well. Some people took offense to this and even went so far as saying MUFE is cancelled. 
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But it’s not just MUFE, quite a few other brands have taken the time to remind us about their foundation range too. Fenty Beauty launched on Sept. 7th and brands wasted no time.

Coincidence? I think not. Thoughts?

Happy hunting!

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  1. I agree Fenty is now my EVERYDAY foundation and I've never gotten as many compliments on my makeup as I do now


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