Spotted: NEW Wet n Wild Holiday 2016 Collection

by - October 10, 2016

Wet n Wild Sequins & Stardust Holiday 2016 Collection
If you've been following me for awhile then you know that I am a huge Wet n Wild fan. I am always on the hunt for their latest collection. Their holiday collection wasn't even on my radar yet and seems to be out pretty early as some people are still trying to hunt down the Fall collection. Well add this to your list as well. It features an added gold accent to the usual black design as these are limited edition. The collection features lip glosses, nail polishes, loose pigments, faux lashes and an all new highlighter bar. WHAT?!!! Yes, people are all about the glow this year and Wet n Wild is making sure even if you're on a budget you can shine too.

Sorry for the delay on this post but I was on the hunt myself and was hoping to have swatches of everything for you guys. But it seems like everyone is finding it but me. However, if this wasn't on your radar either then hit the ground running and start looking because as usual the displays are limited in quantity. The highly sought after highlighting bar is the most limited of them all with only 2 of each per display and most stores usually only get one display. Everyone I have been seeing has been buying both if they can so that makes this even harder.
Wet n Wild Sequins & Stardust Collection
These were found at Harmon Face Values but have also been spotted at Rite Aid, Five Below and Walgreens as well. CVS as well as the usual retailers should also be getting this collection soon.
Wet n Wild Sequins & Stardust Color Icon Loose Pigments
The collection has four loose pageants and they can even be used as highlighters as well. This is a new product for Wet n Wild so we will probably see this again in the future or maybe even a permanent version of these if they are popular. The highlighter surely is and I'm sure we will hear cried from fans to make it permanent. Hopefully they listen.
Just look at these products. That highlighter is glorious. My friend Jessica (@missjae1908) was able to find the new collection and although I'm hating so hard on here she was nice enough to take some closeup pics and swatches for us.
Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Gold Bar
It is a gold highlighter with a peachy gold star so you can wear the gold alone or mix it for a different shade.
L-R: Holly Gold-Head, Heart of Rose Gold Pigment & Moxie Brown Gloss
Image credit: @beautybydaisyweigt for Lip Drama
Daisy of @beautybydaisyweigt was lucky enough to have a store that actually held the items for her so she got everything she wanted.  She swatched it all and even compared the new MegaGlo Highlighting Gold Bar to the previous MegaGlo Highlighters. I seriously can't wait to have it all!
In addition to the holiday collection, the Wet n Wild 2016 Beauty Book was already spotted at Walgreens. They release these yearly and they always end up going on sale for 50% off at some point so I'd suggest waiting unless you feel you must have it right now. 

This collection is currently in stores but may not have arrived at yours yet so don't panic. It will also be added online soon but it is sure to sell out fast especially that highlighter. I's now available online HERE!

Happy hunting!

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