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by - December 29, 2015

Find the best coupons, promo codes, and deals everyday at Dealspotr
Dealspotr is a social couponing site where you not only find deals tailored just for you but when you post, like or comment on deals you gain karma, which leads to earning Amazon gift cards. Do I even need to say more?!

Keep reading my review to see how it works and how you can start earning rewards today!
Here's how it works:
  1. Join. Sign up for Dealspotr using Facebook or any email address. 
  2. Personalize. Create your Dealspotr profile. Fill in as much or as little as you like. Also select the stores you want to follow as well as any members. (Like me!)
  3. Customize. The more you use the site (ie. liking deals, posting deals, following more stores and members), the more accurate your personalized home feed will be in determining what deals are right for you. You also have the option on your homepage to see what deals are the latest, trending and most popular too.
  4. Earn. Karma is the essence of Dealspotr's reward system. Karma points are earned for every action you take on the site whether it's liking, posting, commenting or flagging bad deals. You also gain points in other ways such as when others recommend your deal and if you refer others to the site. Each point helps fill up your bar and once full, you level up. With each level you reach more karma will be needed than the previous level to fill up your bar, which is why the gift card amount earned increases with each level up to a current max of $500 earned at level 8.
  5. Reap. Collect your reward at any time. 
It's that easy!
Dealspotr's Reward System
The Good
It's very simple but effective. By allowing users to earn karma for completing these actions it not only makes the site better by alerting moderators to expired and duplicate deals, it also helps fellow users find the best deals. Comments can show us how others have used a deal or if there's a way to make it even better such as a coupon the user who posted the deal wasn't aware of. By liking deals you'd recommend it helps the deal gain popularity and alerts others to it if they weren't aware. Overall, I think it's an awesome way to encourage users to help others since they are essentially helping themselves by gaining karma that can be redeemed at any time for Amazon gift cards. I myself am on level 3 and can collect my $15 in Amazon gift cards at any time but I'm choosing to save them.

And what's great about the site is that it's constantly evolving to make it more user friendly based on our suggestions. It's like RetailMeNot meets Facebook. But it takes it step further from a site like RetailMeNot because it allows you to not only post/search for coupon codes but also sales, clearance events, price drops on specific items and just deals in general. Ebates is even listed on their site so you can follow them and see when your fave store has a double cash back day so you can earn even more. And the social aspect is nice as well with allowing us to comment on deals and follow the users that posts the best deals and/or ones who are your friends.
The Bad
While I love the site, I have found some areas where it can be improved. Let's look at karma. I just checked my activity and saw that deals I posted with coupon codes earned me 50 points while deals that didn't have codes earned me either 5 or 20 points and I'm not sure what the difference is. Upon closer inspection, it seems like after posting 3 sales for a specific store my karma was then lowered to 5 points from 20. This isn't something that I was made aware of nor have I seen it stated in the FAQs. I mean I'm still earning karma but I feel a little cheated especially when I always post the fine print on every deal I share such as what's included/excluded, if you need a reward card to qualify, if there's a coupon to make the deal sweeter etc. I also see that when people recommend my deal I get either 2 or 20 points. I thought maybe it was based on the number of people who recommended it but that doesn't seem to be the case. So needless to say, I'm just a little confused by the points system. I feel like it could definitely be more streamlined and straight forward.

Another thing is that Dealspotr is fairly new so unfortunately there isn't an app yet. I'm sure they're working on it. But in the mean time that means you have to go on their website to look up deals or post any etc. An app would be so much easier and quicker. It would allow for notifications to pop up when your fave store or member has a new deal listed or when an item you've wanted has had a price drop. An app just makes sense and it's the fastest way to stay up to date on the deals that matter most.

Final Thoughts
If you're like me and you're always on the hunt for a good deal then joining this site is a no brainer. I joined Dealspotr about two months ago and so far I'm loving it. The bad aside, I still think the site is awesome with the potential to be even greater. Not only are you making it easier on yourself to find the right deals for you but you can be like a coupon fairy helping others find the perfect deals for them too and actually get rewarded for it because it literally pays to be good. ;-) I definitely recommend Dealspotr as a shopping resource to help save money. I mostly post beauty deals as well as all things Target (my fave place to shop) so make sure you follow me when you join. If you try it out let me know, I'd love to know what you think.

Happy hunting!

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